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Hi! I’m Anna

I’m a technical writing consultant and the founder of WrittenSide.

Before starting my own business, I worked as Senior Technical Writer in big multinational tech companies for almost 20 years.

I have worked with thousands of pages of technical content during my career – I know what works and what doesn’t.

In July 2022, I embarked on an exciting journey by starting my own consultancy, WrittenSide. The name reflects my love for writing, which is a fundamental part of everything I do and hold dear.

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Bridging the gap

However, I began to notice a glaring gap in the tech industry.

Smaller organizations and startups, bursting with innovative ideas and groundbreaking products, often lacked the resources to maintain a comprehensive knowledge base. Their focus was rightfully on delivering exceptional products to the market, leaving little room for hiring a team of technical writers to curate their knowledge base.

It was this realization that ignited a spark within me.

I wanted to bridge this gap, offering the essential support these organizations required.

Two decades of technical writing

For close to 20 years, I had the privilege of working with robust systems and specialized technical writing teams in large tech companies. I worked with fleets of fellow technical writers who ensured that every aspect of documentation was flawless.

We often found ourselves engaged in vibrant discussions and debates, exploring the most effective means to deliver our message, the best ways to assist our audience, and the most suitable content approach to implement.

Our knowledge bases were not just repositories of information; they were works of art, meticulously crafted with precision and expertise.


Our mission is simple: to offer organizations access to a seasoned technical writer without the need for long-term commitments or the hassle of hiring in-house.

You get the benefit of tapping into two decades of industry experience and best practices, without the strings attached.

Our business model is designed to give you the best of both worlds – the expertise of a seasoned technical writer and the flexibility to engage us as and when you need.

To us, great documentation means…

Great user experience

As a longtime professional in this field, I understand that technical documentation isn’t always the most exciting subject. No one reads it for fun.

However, the documentation often serves as a lifeline for users seeking support. That’s why we must prioritize the usability of the documentation.

Easy to learn

As someone with a teaching background, I prioritize learning in creating documentation. The intricacies of how people learn fascinate me.

Documentation may not exactly be a page-turner. But that’s beside the point – we write documentation so that users can learn how to use functionality better or troubleshoot issues. Documentation is teaching, plain and simple.

Visual experience

Visual aids are essential to make documentation easy to understand. They improve the flow of information and pique users’ interest, making them continue to read.

This is why I encourage the use of visuals and videos to enhance the user experience.

Your best ally

When you partner with us, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a dedicated ally in your journey.

We pride ourselves on our team of experienced professionals who are not just experts in their field, but passionate about sharing their knowledge. We know the ins and outs of technical writing like the back of our hands.

So, join us on this exciting journey. Let’s create something incredible together!

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Our approach to content creation

We bring together a powerhouse team of experts in technical writing, UX design, UX writing, and e-learning. 

This collaborative effort allows us to redefine excellence and set new benchmarks in content creation and user-centric design.

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